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Red Apricot
It reliefs our weakness.  We feel tired because of high acidic in blood and the body...
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Little Orange
Plum may help to increase energy, eliminate fatigue, keep digest...
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Dried Raspberry
It is one of the top fruits which has a lot of nutrition to our bodies...
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Philippines Mango
Dried mangoes are several health benefits. Mangoes are source...
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Dried Coconut
We eat coconut to boosts our bodies, help urine flow and clean up...
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Preserved Lemon
Lemon reliefs several symptoms such as dizziness,throwing up because...
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Preserved Tamarind
It helps reducing thirst because it is damp.It also helps relief of cold...
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Red Plum
Plum may help to increase energy, eliminate fatigue, keep digest system on track...
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